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We are a team of hands-on Agile professionals ready to share advanced knowledge, and help your project management practice grow. 

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hzm consulting

We are ready to provide you with solutions in Agile practices, Design Thinking solutions and Change Management.

Our consulting clients become Agile powerhouses that deeply understand their customers, radically improve their organizational health, and pivot rapidly to changing market demands.



Enhance your project management skills and deliver optimized projects in any industry.

HZM brings over 20 years in project management experience. With our experienced trainers and our large catalogue of courses, we can help Project Management Professionals reach new heights.

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Over 20 years experience in Project Management!

Delivered more than 150 projects within IT, Business and Civil Engineering.

Versatile and ready to adjust for any business-type or industry.

Adaptable to any corporate culture, with a track record of international clients.

Our training courses are dynamic and provide in-depth project management instruction, knowledge and skills that enable you to be a leader in your field.

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HZM has consulted for international companies in project management throughout Canada, the United States, the Middle East and India


in IT, Business and Civil Engineering


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Project Management

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agile transformation

change management

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