Advanced project Management Certificate

This course presents advanced methods for developing scope, schedule, and cost plans. Throughout the course, you will learn the art of mastering projects while using a hybrid approach between Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Upon completion of this certificate, you will have the ability to become a project management leader within your organisation.


The purpose of the HZM Advanced Project Management certification is to give participants a solid way of maneuvering between different type methodologies when delivering projects. The course will leverage a comparative method to understand different project management approaches, techniques and real-life experience that could be used in different situations.

Developers, Architects, Analysts, Project Managers, and Executives will learn how to approach their day-to-day when it comes to managing projects. For anyone who wishes to excel in their project management deliveries, this course is a must.

What you will learn

Advanced project management skills
Applying best practices for project success
Combining Agile and waterfall processes
Managing stakeholder expectations
Managing projects' triple constraints


Project Management theory

What are the main principles
of project management?
How can you apply them successfully
within your organization?


Triple constraints

What are the triple constraints?
How to manage them?

Defining your team

How to set up your team for success?
How should it be organized?
What parameters you need to establish around it?

Predictability, risk management, and reporting

Project management is an empirical process. How can predictions be made, risks be controlled, and progress be tracked using Scrum?

The Hybrid approach

What is the right mix for project management methodology? Agile,  Waterfall, or both? How to get the best out of these methodologies for your organization’s success?


What tools should you use?
An MS project overview.

target audience

The course is primarily intended for those responsible for the success of all types of project within their organization:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Cost Managers
  • Risk managers


Upon completion of the 3-day course and after passing the final exam, attendees should obtain the Advanced Project Management Certificate from HZM Consulting and the Canadian Management institute.


3 days


$1800 CAD



  • Being part of a project management team 
  • Reading the PMBOK and the Scrum Guide
  • Understanding the basics of project management
  • Being on, or closely involved with, a project that builds or enhances a product
  • The desire for project management best practices to apply within your organization
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