If you have been studying about Agile, for sure you have heard about change management (CM).

About the only constant in a technology-driven world is that things change. There are changes to organizations, new processes, and new technologies. Despite this, many organizations focus their effort on the technical side of change.

By doing this, they neglect to get the organization’s people on board with the change, which decreases the change’s chances of success. And it’s understandable, as this soft side of change is often the hardest to implement. By implementing a proper change management strategy, the organization can improve its chances of success when change happens. 

But what is change management, and when do you need it? Here we’ll look into these questions in more detail.

Learn more about how CM works in our case study.

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What Is it?

Any change to processes, system, organization structures, or job roles will have both a technical side and a people side. In contrast to technical side of change, change management manages the people side of the change. 

It’s the processes, tools, and techniques that help an organization’s people get on board with and embrace a change. Ultimately, people making successful transitions during change ensures that the change is successful.

When Do We Need it?

The three major reasons to deploy change management are:

  • Organizational change happens one person at a time. Organizations don’t change. It’s the people that change, so any successful change relies on the individual people changing in their day to day work. If the people are resistant to change, the change will not be that successful.
  • Poorly managing change is costly. Absent a structured approach to managing change, can lead to things like decreased productivity, missed deadlines, stress, confusion, fatigue, and, worse, key employees leaving the organization. Through this, an organization’s health can suffer and changes will lead to bad outcomes.
  • Effective change management increases the likelihood of success. Projects where the change is managed have a much larger chance to succeed. In fact, such projects are six times more likely to reach the desired outcomes compared to those with poor change management.

In simple terms, you need change management when you want to implement a successful transformation. 

Do You Want to Implement it?

Do you want to implement CM in your organization? With over 20 years of experience in project management and the successful implementation of projects across a range of industries, HZM Consulting can help you with all your project and CM requirements. 

Whether you want to implement change management or just want more information before deciding to implement it, contact us with any question you have. 

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