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HZM Consulting has over 20 years experience in guiding organizations of all sizes in project management throughout Canada, the United States, the Middle East and India.

As a leader in project management methods, HZM Consulting provides the expertise to help your organization implement enhancement strategies in Agile Coaching, Design Thinking and Change Management. The goal is always to provide you with personalized solutions that will improve project and portfolio performance!


agile coaching

Our Agile Methodology coaching is for those who need help creating and improving Agile processes within teams or companies. Whether your organization is transitioning from an existing practice or simply need better performance to improve results, Agile Coaching is for you!


change management

These days, business environments change quickly for a number of reasons: economic, social, cultural and political, among others. Change Management is crucial to navigate through this volatility with minimal disruption to your daily operations. HZM can help you in developing a structured approach to change management while considering the human side of change.


design thinking

Our services help Start-ups by enabling them to understand any given problem, and building processes to find solutions.

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