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Introduction. Chapter 1.Foundation Chapter 2.The Scrum Team
Chapter 3.Scrum Events Chapter 4.Scrum Artifacts Chapter 5.Tracking Progress
We will cover these points:
What a scrum master certification can do for you?
  • Acquire the skills, knowledge and principles of Scrum.
  • Stay ahead of your mindset. Certification will make you more relevant and marketable in your field.
  • Enhance team collaboration: As a Certified Scrum Master, you can motivate and lead your teammates.
  • You can easily participate in the team activities and also, members can feel a sense of self-ownership.
  • Sets you apart as a leader who is able to provide knowledge and expertise far beyond what a typical project manager could contribute, using powerful agile practices
What you should know?
  • It’s necessary to properly prepare by fully familiarizing yourself with Scrum theory and principles.
  • After this course, you can take CSM certification through whichever organization you’d like
  • The content for all CSM exams is generally the same
  • This course will prepare you for any CSM exam provider you choose

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Chapter 1. Foundation
Chapter 2. The Scrum Team
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Lesson Content
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Chapter 3. Scrum Events
Chapter 4. Scrum Artifacts
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Chapter 5. Tracking Progress
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