SAFE Agile and Agile frameworks like Scrum are becoming increasingly popular when development teams need to choose a project management method. Its iterative development makes it perfectly suited to today’s competitive market, where products are continuously evolving.

The Agile values and principles allow teams to efficiently design, develop, and deliver high-quality products. It emphasizes collaboration and cross-functional teams that are self-organizing. As such, it’s perfectly suited to smaller teams. But what happens when you want to apply agile values and principles to an entire organization? 

SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework allows you to do this. In fact, SAFe is the most popular Agile framework for enterprise agility that allows you to scale Agile benefits across an organization.

Now the question is what SAFe is, and why use it in your organization? Here we’ll shed some light on this question. 

What is SAFe AGILE?

SAFe is an Agile framework for scaling Agile across an enterprise. It’s built off Scrum and it drives increases in productivity and quality. It enables businesses to continuously and efficiently deliver value on a predictable and regular schedule.

It also emphasizes incremental development and delivery but provides the tools necessary to apply Agile values and principles across all facets of an organization.

Why SAFe?

In today’s competitive marketplace, being as efficient as possible can make the difference between thriving and surviving. Despite this, many organizations are still using legacy systems and processes and outdated governance structures in their day-to-day businesses. 

Instead, they must adopt a more fluid approach to working to compete more efficiently. In essence, SAFe provides this and extends the benefits of Agile beyond software development and allows organizations to work across multiple teams, all of which align to the business goals of the organization. 

Being designed for applying Scrum and Agile principles at scale, it’s perfectly suited to large scale and complex products where Agile or Scrum will fall short. Despite being designed to be used at scale, it’s still more efficient than traditional methods of product development. 

Do You Want to Implement SAFe?

Can you see the benefits in using SAFe to bring efficiency to your business? Maybe you want to learn more before you implement it. We are there to help.

We have over 20 years’ experience in project management and we’ve delivered over 150 projects across a range of industries and we’ve implemented Agile and other project management methods to both small and large projects. You can contact us if you need more information or you want to find out how to implement SAFe in your organization. 

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