• What is Scrum?
  • What is Agile? 
  • What is PMP?
  • Which methodology should we follow?

No one can deny the high demand in Scrum and Agile certifications since the early 1990s. A clear evidence that PMI has changed and is changing PMP Exam and PMBOK Guide to reflect that the future is for Agile.

We will try to see out the main differences between these methodologies and which one we should follow. And before we do that, let us have an overview of each methodology.

What Is Scrum? 

A Scrum is a subset of Agile, which represent an Agile framework to manage software and product development in addition to complex projects. Scrum is created mainly to deliver significant value quickly to the customer with the ability to adapt changes.

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What is Agile? 

In simple words Agile is the methodology which helps us in predicting the very near future and hence make our assumptions and plans more probable and achievable. Software development projects are high-uncertainty projects that have huge rates of changes, risk, and complexity. These projects are not definable works like building a house or production of a new car. So, the Agile methodologies were created to allow the project team to focus on their work as they are focusing on fewer items to deliver at a time and customer receives functionalities quickly to review. As each iteration is small and frequent, it allows the project team to maintain sustainable pace and implement continuous improvements as well as achieving smoothly adapting to any changes.

What is PMP? 

PMP refers to project management professional, it provides the standard of project management. In addition to what we stated in the beginning of the article, PMP is based on Pmbok Guide which mainly outlines the Waterfall and traditional project management best practice approach to successfully executing and managing projects and that may help you as a project manager in managing projects in industry that has definable work as we said before, building a house or production of a new car in which traditional flow of the five project management processes (which starts with initiation and ends with closing) should be applied. Therefore, PMI is changing the Pmbok Guide to provide the project manager with all skill set that help him/her in managing any project regardless its industry. As the profession of project management has evolved along with the advanced technologies (and will keep evolving), subsequently, the PMP will no longer depend on these five Process Groups. Instead of that, it will depend on main three domains only, these domains are:

  • People – about leadership of your project team.
  • Process – about the technical aspects of project management.
  • Business Environment – about the link with organizational strategy.
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So, which methodology Should we follow?

According to the current situation, it depends on the organization itself to determine the nature of its projects. If it is involved in definable work or high-uncertainty work. Definable work, the PMP standards will be more suitable than Agile or high-uncertainty work in which the Agile methodology will be the best one. Therefore, you should use what suits your projects, same as using the car on road trips and the plane for air travel.

Not with standing the above, the debate regarding which methodology is the best and which one we should follow, will continue especially after releasing the new changes in the PMP which may occur either late 2021 or early 2022.

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