Scrum master prep course

Acquire the Scrum Master’s skills and knowledge in order to maximize the value and productivity of your team. This training introduces you to the best practices of Agile and the nuances of the Scrum methodology. It will also you help you master the Agile Scrum project management approach and enhance your ability to develop and deliver quality product delivery in your projects.
Use this popular methodology to maximize business value while mitigating potential risks.


The Scrum Master 2 day boot camp is delivered live to a maximum of 10 students. During the course delivery, students will have the opportunity to interact with a senior Agile Coach, learn scrum agile methodology and build a solid foundation to pass the certification exam. Attending this class will include a free attempt at the certification exam that takes place online. You will receive the link to conduct the official exam certification within 24 to 48 hours of your training.

CAD $ 1100

  • 16 hours of live class with an Agile Coach over 2 days
  • Clarify and ask questions throughout the course
  • Access to course material and practice quizzes
  • Access to a real live exam simulation
  • 1 FREE attempt at the official Scrum.org certification exam
  • Qualify for PMI learning PDUs
  • A full 1 hour session focused on best practices to pass the exam
  • 1 full 1-1 coaching session booked after to course to help kick off your career as a Scrum Master
  • Continous support provided after the course until exam is taken
  • Access to the recorded class delivery of the 2 days bootcamp


The Scrum Master Certification prep program will prepare you to master the most popular Agile project management methodology in the industry. With this online Scrum Master certification prep course, you will position yourself as an Agile expert who has the ability to develop and deliver a quality product.

CAD $ 250

  • 157 lessons Downloadable resources
  • 90 days access to the Material
  • 3 final Scrum Master exam simulation
  • 16 Qualify for PMI learning PDUs
  • 1 hour 1-1 Coaching session provided with an Agile coach from HZM Academy
  • Online support provided during the course


The purpose of the Scrum Master prep course is to give participants a solid foundation in Scrum and its core principles, from which they can make opportunistic decisions about how to use it best. Participants learn why certain decisions are better than others, as well as why some professionals support Agility while others ultimately lead back to a Waterfall model. They will also learn how to use Scrum productivity metrics to monitor the results of their decisions and how to optimize those results.

Developers, Architects, Analysts, Project Managers, and Product Managers will learn tips that will help them implement this Agile framework. For anyone who wishes to obtain the Scrum Master certification, this is the ideal course.

What you will learn

The theory and principles of Scrum which help with decision making
The best ways to use Scrum
What you need to get your Scrum Master certification


Scrum theory

Why does Scrum work and what are its core principles? How Scrum principles are different from those of more traditional software development approaches, and what is the impact?


Scrum and change

Scrum is different: what does this mean in regard to my project and my organization? How do I best adopt Scrum given the changes that are expected?

Scrum teams

Scrum teams are self-organizing and cross-functional; this is different from traditional development groups. How do we start with Scrum teams and how do we ensure their success?

Predictability, risk management, and reporting

Scrum is an empirical process. How can predictions be made, risk be controlled, and progress be tracked using Scrum?

Scrum planning

Plan a project, estimate its cost
and completion date.


Scaling Scrum

Scrum works great with one team. It also works better than anything else for projects or product releases that involve hundreds or thousands of globally dispersed team members. How is scaling best accomplished using Scrum?

target audience

The course is primarily intended for those responsible for the successful use or rollout of Scrum in a project or entreprise.

  • Scrum Masters
  • Project Managers
  • People involved in the software development process



  • Have read at least one book on Scrum
  • Have studied the Scrum Guide written by Ken Schwaber and available on scrum.org
  • Understand the basics of project management
  • Understand business requirements and their break down
  • Have been on, or closely involved in, a project that builds or enhances a product
  • Want to know more about how Scrum works, how to use it, and how to implement it in an organization

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